Our Process & Sustainability

Like many entrepreneurs, I started Chuan's Promise because I had a need. 

At first, I mixed products in my kitchen and tested them on myself. Then, I sent samples to friends for feedback and to see how my products worked on people of varying ages, races, skin types and genders.

I launched with a single product, our Signature Clay Mask, which was packaged in rust-resistant and recyclable tins. As our product line expanded, I started using glass and paper packaging, too.

After receiving more feedback and learning more about e-commerce & the beauty industry, I made the decision to switch to 100% biodegradable, compostable paper packaging for our dry and solid products. For our oil-based products, we've continued to use recyclable glass bottles, and have reduced plastic usage by switching from pumps to metal caps with small bottle inserts. 

This progress, and the growth of our business & brand, would not have been possible without customer feedback, testing and iteration. And we continue to be committed to changing the beauty industry from the inside out by rethinking how sustainability applies to our product formulas, packaging and business practices.  

Today, Chuan's Promise is proud to be a member of 1% for the Planet, and a leader in sustainable skincare and beauty. 

 1% for the Planet Member Logo

I continue to learn about sustainable practices every day, and rest assured, I’ll continue to add to and update this commitment as I learn and grow.

With love,

CEO & Founder of Chuan's Promise