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What to do with empty Chuan Skincare tins

Sustainability is one of my personal values, and it carries over into Chuan's Promise as well. When I launched, I spent a lot of time working through packaging options, which you can read about on my Process page. Packaging waste is one of the biggest issues for sustainable beauty and skincare, and I wanted to start tackling the issue from day one of this business.

One of the ways I reduced my packaging waste & impact was by packaging dry format powder products, like my Signature Clay Mask and Humble Powder Cleanser, in rust-resistant tins. These tins safely hold 2 oz of product, which is enough for 3-4 months of regular use, and are easy to ship and less likely to break in transit than glass. 

We've since moved away from tins and introduced compostable paper packaging, but what do you do with a tin once you’ve finished the product inside? Whether you’ve got an old Chuan's Promise tin, candle tins or other tin containers lying around, here are a few suggestions:

Buy a refill for your tin

Tins are easy to refill, whether you’re ordering a refill from my website or going to a zero waste/refill shop in person. You can refill with the same amount and same product, or you can try a new product! Don’t forget to clean out your tin by giving it a gentle rinse and wiping it dry before refilling.

If you’re in Denver, I suggest checking out The Conscious Merchant and Mudd House Mercantile for all of your refill and zero waste needs. If you’re in New York, check out Earth & Me in Astoria. Both stores carry Chuan's Promise products for refill, so don’t forget your tin! 

Reuse your tin

Tins are versatile containers and can also be reused and repurposed in a few different ways. 

Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Spice jars - Clean your tin and peel off the label before reusing it as a spice jar. Our tins fit in most kitchen drawers and storage units.  
  • Storage for paper clips, rubber bands and odds & ends - Keep your workspace tidy by storing your paper clips, rubber bands and any other odds & ends in our tins. That way, whenever you need one, you’ll know which container to look for!
  • Create a mini sewing kit - Add a few handsewing needles, thread and pins to your tin to reuse it as a container for a mini sewing kit. Keep this kit handy for mending clothing or quick fixes on the road.
  • Travel container - Why spend $4 on an extra travel soap tin, when you can just repurpose your Chuan's promise tin for free? Stick your soap, shampoo and conditioner bars in our tins for easy traveling. 
  • Magnetic storage for your fridge - Attach a small magnet strip on the bottom of your tin and voila! You’ll have easy magnetic storage to use on your fridge or other magnetic surfaces. Use your tin to store smaller magnets, notes and other bits and bobs on your fridge.
  • Mini planter - Our 2oz tins are the perfect size for small succulents and plants. You could even repurpose our tins and turn them into mini plant gifts!

Recycle your tin

If you don’t want to refill or repurpose your tin, you can also recycle it. Tins are accepted by most local recycling programs via curbside pickup. Make sure to remove any labels and glue residue (I suggest 90% isopropyl alcohol as a solvent) before recycling. 

*Note: While our tins are rust-resistant, we do not recommend exposing them to water or humidity for long periods of time, Please take your tin out of the shower after use! 

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