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  • Earth conscious

    We only use high quality, sustainably produced ingredients from ethical sources. We know 70% of the beauty industry's waste comes from packaging, so all of our products come in low & zero waste packaging. We also use sustainable materials & carbon neutral shipping for all orders.

  • Self-care for real people

    We know you're busy, so we encourage using our products to build a skincare and self-care routine that's practical and useful to you. Make time and space for yourself, on your own terms. We're just happy to be able to support you, your routine, and your health & wellness.

  • Inclusive

    When we say every body, we mean everybody. We're focused on making sustainable natural skincare accessible to all, and we're committed to growing with diversity and representation at the forefront. Plus, we donate 5% of sales to social justice organizations every quarter.

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Chuan's Promise All Natural Lotion Bar - Lavender

Why natural skincare?

When every drugstore and high-end product failed her, Chuan Skincare founder Ada Chen turned to more natural options.

Whether you have sensitive skin or want to try a new product or routine, our formulas nourish and treat your skincare concerns.

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